5th COME-HR Conference

This European Conference "Competence Modelling for European HR and Policies":

Bridging Business, Education, and Training" (COME-HR) is focusing new ways and approaches for the vocational training by competence models, E-Learning and social communities. The "Competence Modelling for European HR and Policies: Bridging Business, Education, and Training" (COME-HR) 2011 continues the discussion developed at the first four related European conferences in Vilnius (Lithuania), Budapest (Hungary), Bucharest (Romania) and the planned European conference "Innovations in the Environmental Sector" (INES) which will take place in Brussels (Belgium) in September 2011. The eCOTOOL consortium has organized and utilised these previous opportunities, along with national workshops in each of the eCOTOOL partner countries, to raise the awareness of the stakeholders in the agricultural sector, human resource development, and vocational education and training concerning the benefits and implementations of competence modelling in relation with Europass and qualification standards.

The conference is organized together with an experience session on the 10th of November which gives all participants the opportunity to exchange their experiences face-to-face. On the 09th of November 2011, next to the key note speeches, the results of the eCOTOOL project will be presented: The Europass CS eco-tools and the Competence Model supporting a better description and recognition of competences and their online representation which will contribute to European competence standardisation and improve vocational education and training and the mobility within Europe.

The conference is located at

Thon Hotel Bristol Stéphanie ****Luxe
Avenue Louise 91-93
B-1050 Brussels

Conference location